This Biodiversity and Energy Planning Tool is intended to provide an understanding of the local and regional landscape within New York State, within the context of conservation and energy development. In all cases, decision making should be informed by additional information from appropriate government, scientific, conservation, and development authorities.

The data layers provided here have been developed through a collaborative process with input from a wide variety of partners. Special care has been applied to ensure model accuracy and information about this is provided with each data layer. Even so, the data layers provided here vary in their accuracy, certainty, and spatial resolution. This Tool should be used for general information purposes and initial screening, but is not intended to be used for a final representation of priority biodiversity or priority energy sites and does not replace the need for field surveys.



Identify Tool

Click anywhere on the map to use the identify tool. Use the arrows on the left and right side of tabs to select desired layer. Use the X on the upper right corner to close the identify popup.


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